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Microsoft Edge Vs Google Chrome : A Quick Comparison Guide

Which is better, Chrome or Edge? Is it Google vs. Microsoft? It’s your choice—one of the most contentious issues of our day. One of the greatest names in home desktop and laptop computers over the last few decades, Microsoft has dominated the PC market with its Windows-based operating system.

Then, in the last decade, Google emerged as Microsoft’s most formidable rival. In many areas of the field, the two titans are now in direct competition. This is the transition between desktop and mobile operating systems. With each passing year, the discussion appears to heat up even more.

When it comes to internet browsers, there are a lot of controversies. Until recently, Microsoft had dominated the desktop operating system, and the default browser was excellent, but Google launched its browser, known as Chrome.The bulk of the population today uses their internet browser. It is already preloaded on all Android devices. In addition, every Windows user has it installed on their desktop.

The intense competition has kept the argument going, with each firm constantly releasing new features and upgrades for its internet browsers to outdo the other. It’s time to look at both browsers, and I’ll tell you which one I think is the best for you. Using this knowledge, you may decide which internet browser to use when paired with your opinion on this contentious issue.To help you make up your mind, I’m going to compare and contrast the two browsers in various ways, and you should be able to decide which one you prefer.


Starting with the most fundamental and most likely first thing people will notice, let’s compare the two: the look and feel of the browsers. Compared to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome had the best design and user experience.

When Microsoft’s new Edge internet browser was released, things took a dramatic turn for the better. Edge’s design was elegant compared to its predecessor, Internet Explorer, and the user interface was a significant improvement.

Because of its superb design and user interface, Google’s Edge faded away, and other variables began to play a role.


Google Chrome easily outperformed Internet Explorer in terms of speed. It beat its Microsoft rival in terms of speed. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s fortunes changed when they introduced Edge, a new web browser. In terms of RAM use, Edge has outperformed Google Chrome.

In a few benchmarks, Google Chrome fared better than Edge. However, Edge was better in terms of memory utilization. With that in mind, Edge would be the best idle Internet browser for those with a low-memory PC. On the other hand, Google Chrome is the browser of choice for those who don’t have a limited amount of RAM.


Browsers are entitled to boast about their capabilities. Both have a wide range of options. I’d offer this award to Microsoft Edge for its lack of features, which has several extras that aren’t accessible in Google Chrome. Extensions may be installed on both browsers.

The Google Store offers a plethora of add-ons for Google Chrome. On the other hand, Edge provides a Windows store where you can quickly download and install any extension without encountering any issues. Several other Chrome-like capabilities, such as collection and read-aloud, are missing from Edge.

There aren’t as many extensions for Edge as for its competition. However, as developers learn how easy and convenient it is, this gap will quickly close. For now, Edge is the only browser that will be able to compete with third-party apps created for Windows 10. Google Chrome’s fortifications would prove its undoing.

Chromecasting is another feature that Google Chrome will win since the vast majority of people who use it cast it to a Chromecast-enabled device. As a result, Google Chrome will have the upper hand over Microsoft Edge when it comes to casting. On the other hand, Edge is sure to make an effort to remedy the problem.


Another feature has an obvious winner, and that will be Google Chrome. Everything from your email to your contacts, your Google Maps data, your Internet browsing history, and the videos you’ve searched for on YouTube may all be synced with Google Chrome. Open any device and log in to access your information on any Google-based device.

You can sync some of your information with Microsoft Edge and access it on other devices, but this is nowhere as powerful as Google Chrome. Most people use Gmail, Gmail Contacts, and Google cloud storage to keep their digital images.

After syncing your device, you may access the content on any device. In the early days of Edge, Microsoft could not accomplish this, but they will likely do so in the future as well.


On top of that, we already know that Microsoft Edge can be used on both PCs and mobile devices. As of this writing, Windows Mobile phones are no longer available, and Internet Explorer was formerly their default browser. On the other hand, Google Chrome continues to be the more widely available web browser on a variety of platforms, including Android smartphones, which are pre-installed with Chrome. That’s what most people choose to use. Microsoft Edge may be installed and used via the play store.

Privacy and security

Both Internet browsers have excellent security and privacy options. In terms of safety and privacy, they are on the same footing. You can maintain track of your surfing history with both ad blockers and a record of your browsing history.

The functions are available in all browsers, regardless of whether you’re using a PC or a mobile device. It’s also possible to choose which pages you want to allow and which ones you don’t. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox both have the same capability available to users. Both browsers are excellent in this regard, and we should anticipate them to improve over time as they receive frequent upgrades.


With both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, there are both advantages and  disadvantages to each of them. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each Internet browser in light of your specific requirements before deciding. Google Chrome is the clear pick if you want connectivity, accessibility, and a wide range of add-ons. the other hand, Microsoft Edge will have new extensions accessible whenever it regains popularity. On the other hand, Microsoft has an Edge since it consumes far less RAM. You must first check your needs and then turn on your boards and Internet browser to utilize the Internet. There is no clear winner in the dispute about which one is superior.

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